Friday, March 23, 2012

Embarrassing In-Costume Arrests Of The Day



  1. Bwahahaha! What a bunch of fools!

    Fat Elvis is laughing but soon he's going to be doing the Jailhouse Rock. :D

    The caption for mugshot guy today gave me a giggle fit!

  2. Cow Lady? Man, I've always thought it was a guy! Oops on my part. LOL! I can't tell what costume the 7th one is in, but Spiderman in handcuffs seemed to confuse the little kid.

    I recognize the mugshot of the day from the Florida Mugshot site. Yes, I go on there a lot. Hey, a girl has to check that site to see if someone that asks her out on a date is on there, right? (I've found a couple on there, too)

  3. Man, jail ain't fun when you're dressed normally, I can't imagine how much it sucks when you're wearing a funny costume.

  4. That's right Copper, arrest that clown, atta boy!!!

  5. It's about time they arrested Curious George. He's been wreaking havoc for years.

  6. This is not the storm drain you are looking for.

  7. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
    Who's the fattest of them all?

    (Cheap shot, sorry, but Snow White has started to let herself go.)

  8. Great comments! I'm laughing.



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