Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Commercial of the Day: Dollar Shave Club

"Are your blades any good?"


  1. "It's so gentle a toddler could use it."
    I guess I don't need it then. I don't have any toddlers. :D

  2. Portrait of the day lady is SCARY!

  3. Why ARE razors so expensive? I hardly ever buy my own, I just use the hubs razor b/c he always has a fresh blade. It's nice. Then he has a hissy fit. Whateves.

    I love that song at the end!

  4. "Shave tech." There's a term I've never heard. I went back to razors after a disastrous experience with an Epilady. I don't care how much razors cost -- they are better than that vibrating, pinching, instrument of pain.

    I'm pretty sure MSOTD is in one of my zumba classes. Ferocious doesn't even BEGIN to describe her.

  5. Just have to comment on portrait of the day. Yikes is right. Every time I glance at it I jump then laugh.

  6. I have an odd compulsion to go visit Toyota of Los Angeles now.



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