Thursday, March 22, 2012

Classic Music Video Of The Day: Sharing

TheMovieGuru wanted to hear this. I'm not sure anyone else did. I remember when this song was popular on the radio. A kid at school named Lance admitted that he liked it, then quickly realized what a colossal blunder he had made in doing so.

Btw, nice job on the bongos, Patchy--that really made the song.


  1. Poor Lance. It seems to me just having the name "Lance" would make him a social pariah. Admitting to liking this song would be an additional curse on his reputation. :-)

  2. ::sigh:: This made my day thank you.

  3. LOL @ MovieGuru

    Daisy - Yes, he was already a pariah. This didn't help. Poor, awkward, strange boy.

  4. Maybe it's just me & my age, but to me, Dr Hook reeks of basement rec room hairy sex, with the faint scent of Love's Baby Soft, dryer sheets & wood paneling.

  5. congas? bongos? It doesn't matter, this royally SUCKS



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