Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage Ad Of The Day: Hoover

Gifts she will treasure. As she brains you with them. Link from Daisy.


  1. That iron does look suspiciously like what a police detective might call a "blunt instrument." :D

  2. "Honestly officer, how was I supposed to know not to put that plugged-in iron in the bathtub with my husband? I'm just a woman tee hee."

  3. "Here ya go, Honey! Here's a washing machine for you to clean my sweaty, skid-marked Y fronts. And here's a dryer to get them warm and fluffy. But wait...the fun doesn't stop there! Here's an IRON to press them flat! Aren't you the lucky girl to have a man who can afford to buy you all these wonderful things?

    "Oh, and here's a carpet shampoo-er. Now, now...there's no need to cry..."

  4. I have no idea how my mother survived the 60s.



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