Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sign Of The Day: Valentine's

You'd better hurry, too.


  1. Hahaha! Do you suppose they are expecting a big crowd?

    I can remember when I was a young girl, it was a big deal for us to occasionally drive to Columbus on the weekend to go shopping at the big retail stores.

    My Dad loved White Castle hamburgers and always wanted to go through the drive-through there for lunch when we went on those shopping trips. He would order a big bag of them and eat several. My brother liked them too.

    I didn't like them at all. I never did understand why my Dad liked them so well, but he did. They were itty-bitty square sandwiches with a very thin bit of hamburger with holes in the patty and with onions loaded on it. Bleah!

  2. Table for one. 50 burgers with fries and two large diet sodas. Sounds lovely!

  3. I think White Castle burgers are the ickiest little greaseballs I've ever eaten. Daisy is right...Bleah!

  4. Wow, reservations at White Castle for Valentines?

    Somebody's gonna get some sweet lovin' later on* when they get back to the double-wide.

    (*Sex MAY be postponed due to White Castle induced gas. Those burger farts have been known to peel the paint right off the walls.)



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