Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recipe Of The Day: Bacon

From LVGurl. I'm so glad Rachael cleared this up.

So there you have it. But what you really need to see are the reader comments. A few of my favorites:

"You didn't specify which brand of paper towel - I used Bounty and it totally absorbed all my bacon. WTF?"

"I made this in my EZ Bake Oven. It took nine days. On the fourth day, the bulb burnt out so I replaced it with one from a tanning bed. Five days later, out came Snooki. How do I get her to leave?"

"This recipe saved my marriage."

"If this angel of cooking had just come along years earlier, Canada wouldn't have screwed up their bacon."

"This recipe looks great! Could you please add the instructions on how to switch the oven on and off?"

"That's not what 'late night bacon' means in my house."

Click here to see more comments

Click here to see slightly more helpful hints on cooking bacon.


  1. Ha! I like the Bounty paper towel comment. They should have known better than to use Bounty. Everyone knows it's the quicker picker upper.

    I see the recipe was rated with two stars. I wonder who gave her those!? :D

  2. The "EZ Bake Oven" comment made me snort.

  3. Doesn't seem to take much to be a celebrity chef these days. I bet her "how to open a can" show got rave reviews.



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