Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Questionable Personal Ads Of The Day

(Friends--I am on vacation this week with my family, hence the spotty posting and reruns. LOTD will return to full glory next week. Thanks for your patience.)

So many prospects, so little time. Some of these are jokes -- at least you hope so.
Click any pic for a better view.


  1. Wow, I'm not sure how I could pick just one! They all sound like they would be a good catch. Yikes! O_o

  2. Daisy, I think we can eliminate the JO in the tornado guy. That should make your life much easier. The fat, indian guy takes the cake. Wow he put a lot of thought into that!! TMI

  3. I'd love an amalgamation of all these dudes to form one super stud of awesomeness to rock my world!! I need a quadriplegic, flatulent, Claude Van Damme type to touch souls with.. and some non-sexy times.

  4. I went to and was sent to a logo company. My heart is broken, I thought I had found The One.

  5. @chrocs, I have a friend named Lance...he's single. ?

  6. But, does he have a Harvard MBA and a sense of humor? Nevermind, I'm one cat short of becoming a stereotype.



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