Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lazy Bastards Of The Day

I'm sure there are more, but I'm too lazy to find them.

But we're too lazy to find out for sure

I'm too lazy to turn the car around, but I'll yank this hose so hard that it rips from the pump

I kinda like this idea

Guess no one volunteered that day

I think we have a winner

Yeah, I'm climbing on that.


  1. Oh, yeah!! The last one is definitely something I wake up to pretty often!! ;P

  2. The lady with the baby stroller, the guys mowing the grass, and the ladder all look like accidents waiting to happen. I think they're hoping to end up in the next edition of the Fail video you posted yesterday!

  3. I actually know a lot of people that run their dogs that way (up and down the road while they drive their car). Luckily we have a 4-wheeler to run the dog with..
    And the toilet paper thing.. that's how it is ALL the time in our house, unless company is coming. lol

  4. The doorstop pic is unfreakin' believable!

  5. I think in my family my cousin Harry wins the lazy award. He doesn't even bother to unpack his groceries when he gets home. If it belongs in the fridge the whole bag goes in the fridge. Same for the freezer. Everything else stays in the bags off to the side in the kitchen.

    This did come back to bite him in the ass one week during the summer when a bagger put his ice cream and a pack of hamburger underneath the chips and snack-foods. It took him a few days to figure out why his kitchen suddenly smelled like rotting ass.

  6. The last one looks like our house too...and I ALWAYS have to be the one to put the roll on like it's supposed to be! Guess he's just not as OCD as I am!!!



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