Monday, February 20, 2012

Dipsh*t Thief Of The Day

Stupidity is its own punishment.

Cops Bust Man For Brazen Theft Of $6500 Rolex From TSA Screening Checkpoint

A New York man was arrested today and charged with stealing a $6500 Rolex watch as he passed last month through a Transportation Security Agency checkpoint at a Fort Lauderdale airport.

Investigators released video (see below) of the brazen watch theft earlier this week, triggering an outpouring of calls to a Broward County Crime Stoppers hotline.

The phone tips, investigators noted, confirmed that the Rolex was swiped by Igor Ramos, a 37-year-old businessman who travels between Florida and New York selling cars.

Ramos was picked up today at his condo in Sunny Isles “wearing the prized Rolex watch on his wrist” when he opened the door for Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, according to a news release.

A sheriff's spokesperson reported that when a deputy questioned him about the Rolex, Ramos replied, "It was a gift from God."

Ramos, who also maintains a residence on Long Island, was charged with the felony grand theft and transported to the county jail.

While surveillance video (and still photos) of the theft were broadcast/published nationwide, Ramos--“due to his heavy travel”--was apparently unaware that he was the subject of a manhunt.


  1. Igor Ramos?---hahaha! Seriously? Since he has a name that is just a couple of letters away from "ignoramus," I suppose we ought to expect this sort of behavior. :D

  2. His name makes me wonder if it's for real?? Or if the guy is just extremely well-named?

  3. Gin, it raises the question, "Is it EEE-gor or Eye-gor?"

  4. Ok, this guy is clearly a scumbag, but I have to say it: if *I* owned a $6500 watch (the likelihood of which is precisely nil), I would be damn sure I kept a close eye on it. I'm not sure if it belonged to that woman with the tote bag on top (does she wear a man's watch? They're freakin' huge...), or someone else left it behind, but either way, someone is an idjit for not grabbing it first thing once the tray was out of the scanner.

    That said, thanks for the reminder to keep a sharp eye on my humble belongings while going through security. The TSA certainly won't do it, they're too busy "wanding" people like my dangerous-looking 73-year-old mother with the hip replacement...

  5. This makes me so very, very glad I don't need to fly anymore. Personally I think the TSA, for the most part, do a very fine job under really shite circumstances, but I have always, ALWAYS said that the part where you reclaim the items from the bins after scanning was like a big fat free for all. No one monitors it, and they're so busy making sure you empty your pockets of loose change and Chapstick that they don't give a shit about your stuff once it's in those bins and through the scanner.

    Oh, and I agree--if I had a $6500 watch being scanned like it was a makeup bag, I'd be damn sure to reclaim it on the other side. Seems like everyone got schooled here.

  6. RGR: Eye-gor...definitely....what hump??

  7. Sorry, but Eye-Gore clearly looked around, and no one was nearby, and there was plenty of time for someone to smack their forehead and say "CRAP"!! My watch is back there!" while re-dressing. However, ol' Eye-Gore got dressed right in front of the scanner. Rule: Take your crap, get the hell outta the way, go sit down on a bench, and get dressed. Doesn't matter if there's no one right there, it's just good practice. That being said, I would have turned in the watch. I don't want any bad karma(c) on the tarmac!



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