Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Clever Corporate Logos Of The Day

You've seen these, but have you really seen them?

Two people sharing (or fighting over) a chip and bowl of salsa

The cyclist crouched low on his bike

Everything from a to z

A Kiss between K and I.

See the dancing bear? Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Bern, Switzerland, whose symbol is the bear.

The arrow means go.

Northwest Airlines: the compass points the way.

Gorilla + lioness = tree

31-derful flavors!

The smiling face is also a g.

The Milwaukee Brewers' logo. The glove is made of an m and a b.


  1. Wow, these are cool. FedEx, Amazon, and Goodwill are all ones where I've seen the "hidden" part, but the rest I've never noticed it before.

  2. Very clever! I'm glad there were captions. At first all I noticed in the Tostitos logo was the word "tit" in the middle. I'm glad that red circle was a bowl of salsa and not a nipple. Ooops.

    1. Okay, I am *so glad* I wasn't the only one who saw this...until I read the caption.

      Too much time here on LOTD, I guess.

  3. The Amazon swoopy thing looks like a smile to me. Probably is.

  4. I totally love this- being married to a Graphic Designer, I know how much work goes into making something that looks so simple but conveys so much.

  5. My apologies to the graphic designers who spent hours on these logos - I didn't see any of it til you pointed it out.

  6. Wow, I wouldn't have ever noticed these! Thanks for sharing, Cary!

  7. The thumbnail on your FB page made me think that "tit" was being highlighted in Tostitos.

  8. Being an artist, I love these!! I've discovered a few of them myself but didn't know some of these. New to me...Amazon...Tostitos...Baskin Robbins...Goodwill...Very good!!!

    I sign all my art work like this daVis (small d, a, i and s... on mine the V is longer on the bottom side. My real name is Virginia Davis...so I thought it was kind of clever. LOL I love clever logos!!

  9. Took me forever to spot the arrow in the Fedex one!

  10. My mind has just been blown. Never noticed ANY of these before.

  11. Also look at the Atlanta Falcons logo - it's a falcon, but it's also the letter 'F', for . . . falcon. Neat, huh?



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