Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 Banned Movie Posters Of The Day

From The Frisky.

Just because a movie is sexy and provocative doesn't mean the poster can be.

For its film about an emotionally troubled sex addict, Fox Searchlight tried to push the envelope in European marketing. It didn't work -- at least not in Hungary, where this poster was banned.

This original official poster was banned only in the U.S. -- ironic considering it's a film about censorship.

Personally, we don't get why this poster for an indie film about a girl with
vagina dentata, was banned for being too naughty. It perfectly depicts what the film is about -- rather subtly, in fact.

Banned in the U.S. (but allowed in Canada and the U.K.), the poster was cited for posing children's toys in adult positions. Because children never make their stuffed animals hump.

See the rest at The Frisky.


  1. Not shocking that the People v. LF one was objected to in the US. Of course, MY issue with it is the ridiculously photoshopped TINY waist on the woman...

    And OMG the Zach and Miri one! Love it!

  2. LF was banned because nobody wants to see Woody Harrelson in a diaper.

    And I'm with the Rules of Attraction one. Kids are drawn to seeing stuffed animals - yeah, some might make theirs hump, but I shouldn't have to explain toys giving blow jobs to a little kid.

  3. I don't want to see Woody Harrelson in any state of nakey. Ewww.

    I think the public would have been better served if some of those movies had been banned instead of their posters. A few of them were real stinkers.

  4. The Teeth poster made me laugh. :-D

  5. The Shame one is just gross. All movie posters should be jizz-free. And I'm with WW on The Rules Of Attraction. That movies sucked, anyway.

  6. Oh, and Daisy, you should see the Teeth trailer.

  7. Ahahahaha! Oh my!

    "What did you put in here?"

    Haha! Poor Dawn. Thanks, Cary. That was hilarious. :D

  8. The Shame poster is the only one I truly object to. I'll never be able to get extra foam on my latte again.

  9. LOL!! I wondered if someone would mention "Zach & Miri"!!

  10. I enjoyed the movie "Teeth". Although the creepy old guy near the end of the movie gave me the willies.

  11. Geeeez....... we live in a very uptight world.



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