Monday, February 20, 2012

35 Idiotic Facebook Status Posts Of The Day

I can haz stoopid?

See them all on Buzzfeed.


  1. This list is both frightening and hilarious. It's good to know where to buy supplies for making chicken casserole! I love that the kid finally just gives up trying to communicate with his Dad and answers with an address. Hahaha! :-D

  2. That chicken casserole conversation was eerily familiar to me -- my mom used to do the same sort of thing. You finally just do what that kid did and give up. It's easier. Resistance is futile.

    Cary, the caption on the MSOTD just SLAYED me. I can't stop looking at it and laughing hysterically. Motherhood has been rough on Pink, no doubt.

  3. Love the Dad trying to find chicken casserole "supplies". And college whiz, "their they're, there, your" brought up too of my pet peeves!! ;))



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