Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WTF News Story Of The Day: Woman Sues Dead Guy

Only in America. From Complex.

Man Killed In Train Crash Being Sued By Woman Who Was Hit By His Flying Body Parts

A 58-year-old woman in Chicago is suing a man who was hit by a train and killed in 2008 because, upon impact, a part of his body flew across the platform and injured her.

We repeat: She is suing a man who was killed after being hit by a train. He is dead, and she is suing him.

Apparently, not even death can prevent the system from biting you in the ass.

Here's what happened: The man, 18-year-old Hiroyuki Joho, ran in front of an approaching Amtrak train in an effort to catch another train, and was struck at about 70 mph.

When the train hit, a part of his body flew onto the platform and hit Gayane Zokhrabov, knocking her to the ground and breaking her leg and wrist.

Despite his demise, an appellate court just ruled that Zokhrabov can sue Joho for damages because, as a lawyer who handled the case said, "If you do something as stupid as this guy did, you have to be responsible for what comes from it."


  1. Ick. How gruesome. In most cases, I wouldn't think an 18 year old would leave much of an estate behind to make a claim against.

  2. If nothing, nothing else, what makes her think that the estate of an 18-year-old will have enough cash to make it worth it?

  3. My first thought was WTF but then if you think about it - if she didn't have insurance and is hit with $10k in medical bills, she might have to sue. If it's for "emotional distress" or something like that, that would be another story...



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