Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend Links Of The Day

Happy Friday!

Very cool: new movies, old style posters. (Behance)

12 guys not to date in 2012 (The Frisky)

The 20 worst parents of 2011 will piss you off. (Ranker)

Forgotten colognes and after-shaves of yesteryear (Art Of Manliness)

Turn unwanted gifts from old flames into cold hard cash. (Never Liked It Anyway)

7 reasons you won't survive a high-speed chase with the cops. (AskMen)

Hitchcock movie mystery solved. "In 1961, two years before the debut of one of the freakiest films in history, hoards of disoriented seabirds rammed themselves into the sides of homes in the Monterey Bay area. There seemed to be no explanation for the bizarre event, but Hitchcock is said to have based
The Birds on it." (ABC)



  1. Wowza! So much good stuff! I'm definitely sending "12 Guys Not To Date" to my sister! (even though she has dated ALL of them.)
    Also love "Never Liked it Anyway"

    Cary, you are a font of informational awesomeness! xo

  2. The movie posters were really cool. That was a fun idea. It was interesting to see some of the casting choices.

    As for the worst parents link--yikes! Those poor kids. My heart breaks for all of them.

    The little dog in the last video is quite a trooper! haha! :D

  3. I love the little sticker girls on the motivational poster today. hahaha! :D

  4. RachRiot, that was a pretty good list but I don't agree with #7:
    I promise, promise, promise, if I am throwing down signals, I am probably interested. I will probably say yes. ... To me, having to ask a guy out or plan our date, is a sign that I will be the one steering the ship. I really don’t want to be the one in charge all the time. ... But if he can’t even find the courage/ resolve/ wherewithal/ effort within him to try to make plans with me, or even suggest that we hang out sometime, I don’t see a future of any kind for us.

    First off, a lot of women "throw down signals" that are not nearly as obvious as they think they are. Coming from having been one of those why people back in my teens and most of my twenties, it was largely not wanting to mess things up by asking too prematurely. Yeah, yeah, I totally lacked confidence.

    Anyhoo, the writer's making a wild conclusion that her asking the guy out means she will always have to "steer the ship" (she's also kinda lazy). Once you really know that the girl is interested in you and has agreed to go out with you, it's a whole different ballgame.

    And ya know, the guy who is a bit nervous about asking you out is probably not the guy who asks out anybody and is just relying on the law of averages. The shy guy will actually give a carp about you.

    Okay. I've just aired a bunch of angst from a decade ago, and now I feel much better. Thanks for reading.

    1. I agree, Kushibo- asking a guy out does NOT mean you will be "steering the ship" forevermore. But, I believe if you want something you have to ask for it. But this kind of confidence usually only comes with age. :)

  5. My dad had every single one of those colognes, I swear to cod. Particularly Hai Karate. He got some one year as an office present, we all saw it on his counter, and so we thought, "Well, he must really like this stuff..." and the poor man got some every year. Bottles of it.

    What we didn't know what that he couldn't actually wear cologne or perfumes because of his skin sensitivities. So we used to have Hai Karate fights out in the yard, taking handfuls of it and throwing it at each other, yelling, "HAI KARATE!"

    How any of us made it past childhood I'll never know. We probably made the house smell like a brothel.

  6. Read the comments of The Birds story for the real truth. Lazy reporting by ABC, as any fan of duMarier's gothic fiction knows better. She wrote the initial story in 1952, way before the seabird attack of 1961.



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