Monday, January 9, 2012

Vintage Single Woman's Dating Guide Of The Day

Ah, 1938, when men were men and women were solely responsible for the success or failure of the date.

From Alligator Sunglasses.

If you don't need a brassiere, go upstairs and do your homework.

"...even if you are."

No, when a man dances he wants to die.

"Thaaaat's it...drink up now heh heh."

"Did Madame provide last Friday's gentleman with some copulative recompense for her evening? I have 300 bucks riding on your answer."

"GODDAMMIT, RALPH! How many times have I told you, roofie them at home! This is a family restaurant!"

See the rest at Alligator Sunglasses.


  1. So funny. Love the dance one. I cracked up at the MPOTD

  2. These are so funny! It's a wonder anyone ever managed to get married at all back then with so many things that could go wrong on a simple date.

    I thought the same thing you did about that first one. If she's not old enough to wear a bra, why would she be going on a date?

    Be careful your stockings are not wrinkled-hahaha! Heavens yes! Having wrinkled stockings would ruin the entire evening.

    Love the caption on mugshot lady today. :D

  3. Did you get a look at her date's face? I wouldn't trust him to give me correct change, let alone go out with him.

  4. What is that guy writing in his notebook in the last shot? How many Whiskey Sours it takes to get into her girdle? What a charming man.

    "Copulative recompense" -- I am SO working that into conversation this week.

    When I look at the MOTD all I can think of is: "Julia Roberts starring in 'Tinkerbell: The Nursing Home Years.'"

  5. Oh, good lord - these are something else! And, of course, made all the better by the captioning. Glad times have changed, or I'd have never been out on a second date in my life ;).

    RGR - LOL!

  6. And this advice is even better than what my friends' unsolicited wisdom.

  7. I had to read the title three times to NOT interpret it as a dating guide for 'vintage single women'. I was looking for tips for those of us who qualify as 'vintage'.

  8. Ahhhh the good old days. When men were men and women, ah... never mind.
    Love the roofie comment.

  9. I love how completely and utterly disgusted the guy looks in every picture. Why did you even ask her out?

    Now that I look, it appears she's having a grand ol' time in every picture.

    You know what? This pretty much sums up the last few date nights I've had with my husband.

  10. These are a hoot. Gawd, how dumb were women back then?? Love your comments!

    Oh and by the way...I think there was a typo in the "Don't drink too much..." one. The last part of that line is "but most get silly." I think it was supposed to say "but most get WILLY."

  11. I dunno, as I get older and more appalled at the lack of self-control and personal responsibility I see in soceity, I can see the motivation behind things like this. Women SHOULD conduct themselves in a respectful way, not drink too much and pass out on a date, and avoid tugging at undergarments. However, so should men. This hearkens from the days when women were meant to be chaste, shy virgins who had little choice in life but to become wives, teachers, or nurses, so they had to catch a man to secure their lives. The flip side of this was that once married, they were meant to be wild bitch goddesses in the sack and satisfy a man's every need all the time, have and raise wonderfully clean and bright children, and never show the strain.

    I say thank goodness for pushing the limits for women, but it would be nice to see more courtesy injected back into public behaviour.



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