Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trailer Of The Day: Bond 50

Meh. I've seen (and done) a lot of Bond promotion over the years, and this underwhelms me. Too much Daniel Craig, too many newer clips, too many throwaway shots. No Pussy Galore. No Red Grant. No Jill Masterson. No Blofeld. No Rosa Klebb. No Oddjob. No Jaws. No Baron Samedi. No Q, M or Moneypenny. Weird sound bite choices: "How much time do we have? Thirty seconds" SFW? But no place in the spot for this classic? So many missed opportunities. Tsk tsk.

My buddies Blong and Spinderfella could have done infinitely better trailers.


  1. I agree. There was too much missing that should have been included. That was mediocre at best. The Rosa Klebb link made me laugh. :-)

    That TMNT portrait of the day is so creepy. Poor little baby--probably doesn't stand a chance of leading any kind of normal life. haha!

  2. I'm a big Bond fan, or at least I used to be, and I've never seen so many obscure clips. Not enough Sean and Roger and NO Q. I love him. I like Dame Judi Dench as M, though. That's one recent addition I approve of.

  3. any clip with Daniel Craig in swim shorts is a good thing!



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