Tuesday, January 31, 2012

News Of The Day: Colbert's Donors

Sadly, there were no donations from Hugh Drack, Herb Eaverstinx, Dixon Sider or Don Keedix.

Donors To Stephen Colbert Super PAC Include Frumunda Mabalz and Ibin Yerkinoff, Records Show

January 31, 2012--In announcing that his super PAC has raised more than $1 million, Stephen Colbert today filed a report with the Federal Election Commission identifying his donors and the amount of money they gave to “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.”

A careful analysis of the FEC report reveals that several Colbert supporters may actually be funneling money to the comedian via aliases. Such as:

Harry Ballsagna, of Gladstone, Oregon, donated $1 on December 17.

Frumunda Mabalz, of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, donated $1 on August 9.

Pat Magroin, of Lakeside, California, made two donations totaling $25.

Ibin Yerkinoff, of Levittown, Pennsylvania, donated $10 on August 19.

Apparently, Heywood Jablome and Phil McCracken are already committeed to the American Crossroads effort.


  1. Ha! I'm sure Colbert appreciates the support no matter where it comes from. He probably hopes that Ibin Yerkinoff washed his hands before filling out the check for his donation, though. :-D

  2. What ... no Mike Litoris? He has GOT to be on there ... somewhere ...

  3. Apparently Mike Hunt didn't donate either.



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