Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Help Wanted" Sign Of The Day

Cowabunga! I wonder if any idiots went down there.


  1. I'm trying to imagine how the "Help Wanted" ad would read.

    Requirements: A successful candidate will
    -be skilled in martial arts fighting and weaponry
    -love to eat pizza
    -be able to tie a colored bandana into an eye mask
    -be named after a famous artist
    -have a deadpan sense of humor
    -be capable of facing the Shredder without fear
    -enjoy a life in the sewer

    Obviously I saw way too much of the TMNT when my sons were younger. :-D

  2. I watched a lot of turtles too when my sons were little! When my oldest was 4 and we just moved here, we had a party where we hired a Ninja Turtle to come and entertain the kids. When I was told on the phone he'd play some games with the kids, I asked if these were games I needed to get prizes for - "Oh no" the woman assured me "these are the games someone will win, but I promise you everyone will feel good about it". Welcome to California.



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