Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fart-Blaming Phrases Of The Day

Highbrow as ever here at LOTD with this fun list from Suzanne.
  • He who observed it served it.
  • He who detected it ejected it.
  • Whoever rhymed it crimed it.
  • Whoever spoke last set off the blast.
  • Whoever smelt it dealt it.
  • Whoever denied it supplied it.
  • The one who speaks is the one who reeks.
  • The smeller's the feller.
  • He who inculpated promulgated.
  • The one who said the verse just made the atmosphere worse.
  • Whoever pokes fun is the smoking gun.
  • He who accuses blew the fuses.
  • Whoever said the rhyme did the crime.
  • He who refuted it tooted it.
  • He who pointed the finger pulled the finger.
  • He who articulated it particulated it.
  • He who deduced it produced it.
  • She who sniffed it biffed it.
  • The slanderer made the gland error.
  • He who eulogized it aerosolized it.

Other phrases:

  • A fox smells his own hole first.
  • Who cut the cheese?
  • Barking spiders.
  • Who stepped on a frog?
  • Mouse on a motorcycle.
  • The first chicken that cackles laid the egg.
  • Somebody's baking brownies.
  • He who blew the whistle blew the flute.
  • Who sat on a duck?
  • Ok... who did it?
  • The one who complains first is the one who farted.

Know any more?


  1. Better to lose a friend than to lose a bowel.
    Did you eat a zombie?

  2. My kids say, "Whoa, that one blew past the mold."

    Every single thing on the sidebar today made me laugh out loud. The MSOTD is my Aunt Gin. Seriously.

    I didn't know Freddie Fender was into Renaissance Fairs! I bet he performs, "Wasted Days and Wasted Knights." (Feel free to groan. I did.)

  3. The picture for this post is great--made me laugh, as did the list.

    "Max did it," is what I hear in my house. (Max is our toy poodle.)

    The tree in the sidebar today is hilarious. That picture makes me want to see the other side of the tree!! hahaha!

  4. Most often heard after lunch at work, "Oh God! In the elevator...seriously?!?"



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