Thursday, January 5, 2012

Conversation With My Kid (Of The Day)

As seen on our Stuff My Kid Says Facebook page (join us!). As not seen on my Stuff My Kiki Says Twitter page because Twitter only allows like 20 characters (160, actually, but feels like 20).

Earlier this week my daughter came home with one of those paper cube things girls in school used to make to tell your fortune by asking you questions and flit-flit-flitting the thing back and forth with their fingers to get the answer, which was usually something like "You're gonna marry [name of unfortunate-looking classmate]," followed by hysterical giggling. [I have since learned that these things are called cootie catchers. Which makes no sense whatsoever, but okay.] She wanted to try it on me, and I agreed, because I rule as a dad.

K: Pick a number between three and six.

ME: Six.

K: (flit-flit-flit-flit-flit-flit). Okay, pick a color.

ME: Green.

K: No green. Orange, purple, pink or black.

ME: Those are terrible choices.

K (annoyed): Just say black.

ME: No. Purple.

K: (flit-flit-flit-flit) Now pick a berry.

ME: A what? A berry?

K: (impatient) Yes! You know, like, strawberry. Duh!

ME: Strawberry.

K: There's no strawberry. Blueberry, raspberry, blackberry or boysenberry.

ME: Boysenberry?! Who made this thing?

K: Just pick one!

ME: Blueberry.

K: (flit-flit-flit-flit-flit) Okay, here's your fortune. (opens flap to read) You will be eaten by wolves.

I demanded a do-over, of course, and got a new fortune: "You stink."

I asked the girl what other answers I missed out on, and she read them off to me:

"You will get a pet someday." Not pet wolves I hope.

"You will eat pie today." I wish.

"You will win 1000 bucks." I wish!

"You will 'droun' in the pool." Hopefully before I watch you flunk spelling.

"You pooped in your pants."
Yes, right after you told me about the wolves.

That's seven answers. She wouldn't tell me the last one, and when I tried to read it off the paper, she snatched it away, crumpled it into a ball and ran off. Must be good, whatever it was.


  1. I love the fact that she said choose a berry like strawberry, but then strawberry wasn't one of the choices. hahaha! The fortunes she came up with are hilarious too. :-D

    The Stuff My Kid Says Facebook page is a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone who isn't already a part of it. You'll find a lot of laughs there.

  2. "You will 'droun' in the pool." Hopefully before I watch you flunk spelling.

    That was funny!

  3. The other night I thought of this story while MM and I were eating at IHOP at 2 am. It's the only place I've ever seen boysenberry syrup. :)

  4. HA! HA! HA! I taught my daughters the art of cootie catchers because I rule as a mom.

  5. We really need to know what that last one was! The fate of the world might depend on it!!

  6. my kid's fortune teller gives me options for future jobs: Mom, Housecleaner, Astronaut, Jail. Purple is jail. So I always pick it. I KICK ASS at tricking the fortune teller!!!



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