Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Classic Ad Homage Of The Day: Mean Joe

From Adweek.

Grey remakes
Coke's Classic Super Bowl Ad for P&G's Downy

"Procter & Gamble won’t be advertising in the Super Bowl this year, but the event has inspired an homage to a classic big game ad.

Grey’s 'Stinky' for P&G’s Downy Unstopables remakes the 'Mean Joe Greene' Coca-Cola spot that aired during Super Bowl XIV in 1980.

The player remains the same—retired Pittsburgh Steelers star Greene—but the 'kid' is now played by comic actress Amy Sedaris. And rather than air during Sunday’s game, the ad will run during NBC’s pregame show.

Greene, who had declined past opportunities to reprise his role, initially hesitated at participating. But after reading the script (and sensing the reverence of the new version), the gridiron legend signed on.

In a statement, the now 65-year-old Greene said that he 'loved the idea of allowing fans to relive such a classic Super Bowl television moment in a completely new and humorous way.'"

(Full article on Adweek)

Here's the original vid. I always wished Joe had thrown the bottle at him instead. "Hey kid, you forgot your trash."

Here's the new one.


  1. That was fun. I think it's pretty cool that he agreed to do a remake.

  2. Love it! Next he should do a spot for Lady Clairol!

  3. I heart Amy Sedaris. That is all.



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