Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 10 Most Improbable Celebrity Fistfights (Of The Day)

"Chevy Chase is a dick, plain and simple." Truer words...

From Cracked.com.


The Backstory:

Chevy Chase is a dick, plain and simple. Between that and the star treatment he got as the breakout member of the Saturday Night Live cast, anyone who worked with him could be excused for taking a shot at him.

But here's the thing: Bill Murray never actually worked with him. Murray replaced Chase after he left SNL for a film career. Murray also got a lot of hate mail telling him he was a shitty replacement, so there's that. During the show's second season, Chase returned as the guest host and Murray, channeling the resentment of the rest of the cast, decided it was go time.

"I got into a fight with Chevy the night he came back to host. That was because I was the new guy, and it was sort of like it was my job to do that," Murray says. "It would have been too petty for someone else to do that. It' almost like I was goaded into that."

The Beatdown:

Tension simmered between the two all week and finally boiled over in a pull-apart brawl only moments before the show went on the air. Witnesses say Murray started it by pointing out how everybody hated Chase, while Chase responded by comparing Murray' acne-pocked skin to the surface of the moon.

"I don't know if Chevy provoked it or not," says cast member Laraine Newman. "But it culminated with Billy saying to Chevy, 'Why don't you fuck your wife once in a while? She needs it.' And I don't even remember who threw the first punch, Billy or Chevy. But it was ugly."

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Award-Winning Pet Costume Of The Day

He doesn't seem to like it. Good--anger makes him more lethal.

Celebrity Phobias Of The Day/QOTD

No, I don't mean celebrities that you fear--Amanda Plummer, Crispin Glover, G.E. Smith--but the fears of the rich and famous. I don't think all of these qualify as phobias; some seem pretty rational if you ax me.

Johnny Depp - clowns, spiders

Billy Bob Thornton - flying, bright colors, antiques

Christina Ricci - house plants, swimming pools

Roger Moore - firearms

Alfred Hitchcock - eggs

Sheryl Crow - heights, hearing "scary" noises

Barbra Streisand - strangers

Queen Elizabeth I - roses

Britney Spears - reptiles

Carmen Electra - water

David Beckham - disorder or untidiness

Hilary Duff - dirt

George Washington - being buried alive

Jennifer Aniston - flying

Jennifer Love Hewitt - elevators

Daniel Radcliffe - clowns

Eminem - owls

Brad Pitt - sharks

Latoya Jackson - cats

Justin Timberlake - spiders

Donald Trump - shaking hands (germs)

Keanu Reeves - darkness

Kelly Osbourne- being touched

Katie Holmes - raccoons

Kim Basinger - open spaces

Cameron Diaz - door handles

Lyle Lovett - cows

Jake Gyllenhaal - ostriches

Anne Rice - darkness

Madonna - thunder

Jessica Simpson - brushing her teeth

Nicole Kidman - butterflies

Oprah Winfrey - chewing gum

Sean "Puffy" Combs - clowns

Orlando Bloom - pigs

Elle McPherson - radiation

Pamela Anderson - mirrors

Robert de Niro - dentists

Sarah Michelle Gellar - the dead, graveyards

Scarlett Johansson - cockroaches

Rihanna - fish

Shannon Elizabeth - chickens

Tom Cruise - going bald

Tyra Banks - dolphins

Matthew McConaughey - revolving doors

Uma Thurman - enclosed spaces (claustrophobia)

How about you? What's your phobia?

Facebook Bitch Of The Day

PNWED!! From Rebecca.

News Of The Day: Couple Busted For Bus Romp

Apparently, there was no dumpster available. From The Smoking Gun.

Couple Faces Criminal Raps For Sex On City Bus

OCTOBER 25--A Pennsylvania couple is facing an assortment of criminal charges for having sex on a city bus, carnal activity that was captured by the vehicle’s surveillance camera.

According to a police criminal complaint, Amanda Confer, 24, boarded the bus on a Friday afternoon in late-August. She was “accompanied by her infant daughter,” a detective reported.

Also riding the bus through Montoursville that day were “Pre-release inmates” Randell Peterson and Joshua Schill. The men were part of a work release program that allows inmates to come and go from the county jail at specified times.

Investigators allege that Confer and Peterson, 32, sat next to each other in the rear of the bus, with Schill sitting in front of them. Before the illicit action commenced, however, Confer “turned over her infant daughter” to Schill, who apparently served as babysitter/lookout during the subsequent rendezvous.

In short order, Confer and Peterson moved from hugging and kissing to oral sex (which was provided by Confer).

“After a couple of minutes of oral sex,” Detective Alberto Diaz reported, Confer “lowered her underwear” and, “upon sitting on” Peterson’s lap, “both defendants proceeded to have sexual intercourse for several minutes.”

Shortly after the tryst ended, Peterson and Schill exited the bus together, while Confer continued to ride on with her daughter.

Since the “aforementioned acts were captured by surveillance equipment,” investigators were able to identify Confer and Peterson as suspects.

In an interview late last month with a Lycoming County detective, Confer copped to the bus sex. During a September 30 interview at the county jail, Peterson also confessed to the illegal automotive interlude.

Confer and Peterson were charged earlier this month with conspiracy, indecent exposure, open lewdness, and disorderly conduct. They are scheduled for a November 4 preliminary hearing in Magisterial District Court.

On her Facebook page, Confer refers to herself as “Randel’s Wifey.” She also notes that, with regard to the jailed Peterson, “need my boo so fckin bad god i miss him SO much.”


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