Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music Vid Of The Day: Hey Mister

Speaking of wins...

Vid Of The Day: Wins

I'm not sure that "win" and "you didn't die...this time" are the same thing.

Badly Stuffed Animals Of The Day

Ya know, I'm thinking that taxidermy is harder than it looks. Poor animals--as if death wasn't indignity enough.

Pics from this Facebook page and Buzzfeed.

"No! Wait! Don't shoo--"

Maurice Sendak did this one

Hooo-hooo-hooo da fuck did this to me?

Lucky for him, he has echolocation

Hey man, loved you in Ice Age!

Mom was a pig, Dad was a piranha

Gary Busey's great-great-grandad

Next time don't use a shotgun



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