Thursday, April 21, 2011

Commercial Of The Day: Slobstopper

Spill your coffee = never get laid.

Spill your coffee while wearing dorky adult bib = Poontang City.

Yes, that makes sense.

Celebrity Gossip Of The Day

From Popbitch (UK).

Jennifer Lopez is back in the charts and on TV and, frankly, everywhere again. She's very keen on the world knowing that she's just a regular girl and has no idea where she got her diva reputation. Well that may be true. Then again, when she was approached to do her first big American magazine cover, her people said she’d do it. If the magazine bought her a Bentley.

On a recent trip to LA, the Beckhams missed their UK dogs, so they sent a private jet to pick them up from London and fly them over. When the dogs got to America it became apparent that they weren't comfortable in the California heat, so they were put back on the private jet and flown home again. The cost of this kind gesture? Around one hundred grand.

Quote Of The Week: "You shouldn't just be able to put a song on You Tube and go on tour" - Miley Cyrus (Myrus)

Poor old Britney, she's 30 this year and still banging out anonymous Autotuned pop while gyrating on stage with all the enthusiasm of an underpaid stripper in a Shoreditch titty bar. Someone who met Britney on the shoot for her new video described her as "entirely dead behind the eyes".

Without wishing to perpetuate any unkind stereotypes about sci-fi lovers, it must be tricky for the stars of such shows to deal with the unwanted physical attention they get from admirers at fan conventions. Farscape's Claudia Black has a rather neat trick for dealing with whiffy fans though. They invariably want their picture taken with her and will go to put their arm around her. Claudia counters that by putting her arm around them first, so she doesn't get the smell of their BO on her clothes.

Read more at Popbitch.

Vid Of The Day: Another Old Spice Guy

Don't worry, ladies, they didn't get rid of the other guy.

Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion (Of The Day)

I have a new favorite Tumblr blog. As for Celine, it's almost hard to hate on someone so utterly, unapologetically goofy. Almost.

Thanks, Laura, for the link.

Of course, my favorite Celine pics will always be these.

She looks like a vulture.

Air guitar FTMFW!

She just saw Cher.

See what I mean?

"At the barricades of freedom, will you take your place with me?"

Lots more here.


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