Monday, April 18, 2011

Atari Games Of The Day

Aaaah, Atari. I saved my allowance for Atari games and nothing else in the early 80s. I don't think I ever bought an M-Network game, but the commercial made me feel good about my gaming system and summer (which is when these commercials aired). I had a friend who rocked an Intellivision. He was a loser, though he argued his platform with a dreadful ferocity.

Pitfall. Oh, gawd I loved this game. I was in love with the wild adventure of Indiana Jones (there was only one at the time), and as far as video games go, Pitfall Harry was the shizzle. The game's main flaw was that it put a 20-minute timer on the gameplay. You had to get as much gold and booty as you could in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, there was no clear objective, so you were left with your greed as motivation. Watch for a young Jack Black right at the beginning.

This is a commercial for Atari in general. They'd already released a crappy port of Pac-Man, which was programmed in a mere six weeks by Todd Frye. I loved it, but mostly because popular culture told me I should. Soon home video games would hit a lull which would be known as the dreaded North American video game crash of 1983. It was a dark time for home video games until a brave plumber named Mario came to save the day.


News Of The Day: Blasting Speakers Blasted

Disco? I don't blame him. From The Smoking Gun.

Man Shoots Stereo Over Blaring "Disco"

APRIL 12--A California man who used a shotgun to blast the speaker on his son’s stereo will not be facing criminal charges, according to prosecutors. The man told cops that he destroyed the speaker because his 24-year-old son--an aspiring DJ--“was playing his ‘disco’ too loud.”

Stanislaw Jarmolowicz, 53, was arrested last week on suspicion of shooting at or into a building. Jarmolowicz spent about two days in the Yuba County jail before posting bail Wednesday.

After a review of the case, prosecutors opted not to prosecute Jarmolowicz, chiefly because criminal negligence could not be established since he did not intend to injure his son Anthony. The younger Jarmolowicz uses the handle “Baas”1 in connection with his DJ pursuits.

According to a Yuba County Sheriff’s Department report, Jarmolowicz told deputies that he had asked his son “several times to turn down the music or use headphones.”

When the volume was not lowered to his liking, Jarmolowicz retrieved a 16 gauge shotgun from his bedroom, returned to his son’s room, and hit the speaker with a single blast.

Jarmolowicz told an officer that he had been arguing with his son for weeks and was “very stressed out” and had “lost control of his temper.”

E-Mails From Your In-Laws Of The Day

This site cracks me up. Some of these would be grounds for divorce. "Sorry, honey, I love you, but I can't deal with your family anymore. Goodbye."

Link from Woodwoman.

Dear Sister-In-Law,

Thanks SO much for taking care of Mystique while I'm gone. I hate the idea of boarding him, and you are saving me so much stress. Our garage code is ####, just in case you misplace the key. I know you're well-versed in cat care, but as you know all cats are unique, so I thought I'd clue you in to what makes Mystique tick.

(1) He likes a bit of outdoor time once per day. His kitty leash is by the front door (I put it on the door knob so you can't miss it). I like to walk him by the garden so he can smell the flowers and herbs. If he is a difficult mood, you may have to pick him and carry him to the flowers. After a few minutes of smelling the flowers and whatnot, he is usually much more relaxed and receptive to your requests.

(2) Mystique eats only homemade food. Out in the chest freezer on the left you will find small containers of Mystique's food (I grind rabbit and chicken meat and bones and fortify it with other goodness). The containers are enough for 2 days worth. I will have a fresh one in the fridge and then the day before you run out, defrost the next container to ensure freshness.

(3) He likes to be held and caressed as much as possible, but try not to smother him.

(4) After dinner, I set out 1-2 ounces of red wine for his heart health and to let him unwind. The mini bottles in the pantry are just for him and I labeled his wine bowl on the counter. 1 mini bottle should last 2-3 days. Make sure you don't give him too much even though he will probably drink it very quickly. He really enjoys it and his vet says that as long as it is moderation, he has no qualms.

(5) Mystique likes to watch the Meerkat Manor show on TV with me. I have several recorded.

Thanks so much for taking care of him! It means a lot to me that he is in your very capable hands. I really appreciate it.

Thanks again,
Your SIL

(See more at E-Mails From Your In-Laws)

Vid Of The Day: Royal Wedding

Yeah, this could happen. From DRSJF.


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