Friday, December 16, 2011

WTF Holiday Portraits Of The Day

People are weird. My favorite is the goth kids.

Many thanks to Simon, Amanda, Janis, Cyndi, Kim, Steve, Karen, Blong, Larry, Lindsey and Melanie for these.

This isn't your dad's spoo-n-poo party. Wait--yes it is.

From L to R: playing Angry Birds, checking his fantasy football stats, texting her online boyfriend, watching the Erin Andrews hotel room video for the 87th time.

Now that we have your attention, here's what we want for Christmas. Got pen and paper?

Hmm, I get the feeling they were made to do this.

"Ta-da! It's Stefan!"

Due to a worldwide shortage of coal, naughty kids now wake up Christmas morning to find Naked Leonard under the tree.

via Awkward Family Photos, LOLpics and Flickr.


  1. The one from heaven made me tear up a bit. Yeah, I'm corny.

  2. I know Mae's fave will be, "JAZZ HANDS!" :D And NO you will not be getting a hot tub pic from us this year.

  3. Every time I look at the next to the last picture I find something else that's just WRONG! LMAO!

    I think "Naked Leonard" is my Uncle Frank.

  4. Stefan made me laugh out loud!

    It's so nice to see the sisterly love displayed in the first black and white photo. haha!

    As for Naked Leonard--ewwww!

  5. I got Naked Leonard one year. He was impossible to get rid of and his socks smelled.

  6. I wanna know why the fuck dad and little Fluffy are all banged up and incapacitated! Something in the eggnog ain't clean.

  7. What the heck possesses men to think family and friends want to see that? Yikes!

  8. WTF is up with Naked Leonard's pathetic Christmas Tree? It's got this long section near the top where there's no branches but a ton of tinsel.

  9. Naked Leonard makes me moist.

  10. lol I love you so much for this!

  11. The best. Just the best. Kids on phones was clever. The rest were so weird you really have to wonder about mankind.

  12. Is Naked Leonard sitting on a potty seat?? Note to Anon: I think Naked Leonard makes himself moist too!

    The brunette in the next to the last picture looks guilty as hell!! She's probably some closet dominatrix that has wreaked havoc with the family!

    It's stuff like this that gets me in a holiday mood! Thx C

  13. Stefan better be careful doing those splits, or else he might smash his "jingle bells" on the floor.

  14. Naked Leonard is now my computer screen background. I, too, wondered about Wheelchair Guy & Cast Dog. Mostly I wondered why WG didn't wash his disturbingly greasy hair prior to photo shoot. And there is some camel toe goin' on with Spandex Gal, fo sho!!

  15. *hanging head in shame* My family did a hot tub Christmas photo one year. I was a teenager and I didn't even think it was completely lame. I did insist we hurry it up so my hair didn't get frizzy, though.

    Is the family-clothed-with-dad-naked thing a trend? I find it SO disturbing that there was more than one of them...



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