Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WTF?! Christmas Decorations Of The Day

You suck at teh Christmas.

Category 1: Next Year, Don't Even Bother

2) You Missed A Spot

The rooftop nativity is a nice touch

Syprograph Christmas

And they put their name on it

3) Huh?

Frosty The Snowhead

Pease on erth

Santa bagged an 8-point buck and two Mickeys at this year's hunt

Ten bucks says Louisiana

I didn't realize Bethlehem was near the North Pole

Grinch Goatse

The final countdown

So many kids were naughty this year, Santa came heavy

5) Win!


  1. love the reindeer with the vw bug. seriously.

  2. Concerning the rooftop nativity: Poor Baby Jesus.. there was no room at the inn. Or the yard. Or anywhere else within a square-mile of this house.

  3. The last house in the second category must belong to an Elvis fan. They seem to be having a "Blue Christmas."

    I wonder if the orange and green wrapped tree is supposed to have looked like a pumpkin for Halloween, and they just never got around to taking the lights down. :-D

  4. Okay, I had to Google "goatse", thinking that it would make the Grinch picture funnier (which it did - hilarious...but so, so wrong!). But sweet baby Jesus in the manger - I wish I had NOT SEEN WHAT I SAW when I clicked on the first link!

    The caption for the Mickey photo almost made me spit my lunch onto the keyboard from laughing, however.

  5. I love Spyrograph house. I wonder what kind of electric bills some of these people have?

    @Sonya: Eye bleach. Straight up.



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