Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vid Of The Day: TRON Surfing

Ah, beautiful Bondi. This is cool. The great whites love it too, I bet. Easier to spot prey.


  1. That was cool! I've never been to Australia, but it sure looks pretty there.

    Neon does make me think of the signs for restaurants, though. So, yes, maybe this is kind of like a drive-through (swim-through?) fast food sign for the sharks. "Try our Surfer Special!" haha! :D

  2. Would have loved it if there had been a shot of all of them taken from the shore. But really, neat anyway!

  3. Yeah, it was neat...for all of the 20 seconds or so of showing them surfing! It would be really neat if they had more nighttime surfing with their lighted suits/boards. whine, whine, whine, that's me!



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