Monday, December 12, 2011

SNL Vid Of The Day: American Airlines Apologizes To Alec Baldwin

Capt. Steve Rogers of American Airlines explains the company's decision to remove Alec Baldwin from a flight last week, and why they were wrong.


  1. Ah yes, a word game for smart people--that ought to be reason enough to bend the rules and look the other way and risk the lives of everyone on the plane. He must have been winning the match. HA! :-)

  2. So basically if you act like a jackass all you have to do is go on SNL and do a skit about it and all is forgiven? Good to know.

  3. He may be an arrogant prig (his character on 30 Rock is getting into his head) but the skit was pretty funny, and he sorta made fun of himself being an arrogant prig. Sorta.

    And y'know, he sorta had a point about all those people tweeting the whole incident as it was happening. I mean, they had their cell phones on.

    I wish I could remember when it was so I could look it up on Wikipedia, but there was a specific crash of a plane where they are fairly certain electronic devices had caused the disruption that led to the crash.

    And yeah, it is scary that someone who thinks they know better than scientists ("I heard from somebody that turning off your phone before takeoff causes mental retardation!") can take down a whole plane.

  4. And the "screwed the pooch" guy in portrait of the day should be turned into a motivational poster of some kind.

  5. Alec Baldwin is a national treasure. I keep thinking of the incident where he left the answering machine message calling his daughter a selfish pig.

    I don't condone his behavior, but Christmas ain't the same without his schweddy balls.



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