Wednesday, December 21, 2011

News Of The Day: Woman Arrested For Stealing 80-lb Baby Jesus From Nativity

Damn, girl, you brave. I wish I lived there so I could follow this beyotch around with a video camera and catch her ass being smote, 'cause you know it's coming.

Cops Arrest Virginia Woman, 25, For Stealing Baby Jesus From Nativity Scene

December 21, 2011

Police this morning arrested a 25-year-old Virginia woman for the theft last week of Baby Jesus.

Amanda Crelia was charged with grand larceny for allegedly swiping the figure, which was part of a nativity scene at the Central Park shopping center in Fredericksburg.

Aided by Crelia, detectives recovered Baby Jesus from the home of her father.

Crelia, pictured in the mug shot above, is appearing today before a magistrate judge. Cops say she posted a photo of the stolen statue to her Facebook page (which was spotted by a witness who contacted police).

Since the concrete-filled Baby Jesus in his manger weighs 80 pounds, investigators suspect that Crelia had help with the heist.

Before Crelia’s bust, the Fredericksburg Police Department released a photo showing the crèche with Baby Jesus in place, as well as a post-theft image (below) showing an indentation where the young Savior had been.


  1. She looks kind of mean in that picture. Stuff like this just puzzles me. What's the point of stealing something like that? What's she going to do with it? And then she posted a picture on Facebook? I wonder if she really thought she wouldn't get caught. Stupid is as stupid does as Forrest's mama would say. Yes, smiting will be in her future somewhere, I would imagine. I wonder what the judge had to say to her.

  2. I think she took the message (or title) of the song "Personal Jesus" a bit too literally.



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