Tuesday, December 20, 2011

News Of The Day: Man Dies After Eating Cocaine From Brother's Butt

This cocaine tastes like shit!

From Venomous Kate and WYFF4.

Man Eats Cocaine From Brother's Rear End, Dies

Dec. 20, 2011

A South Carolina man's brother died after police said he was forced to eat cocaine hidden in his brother's backside.

Both brothers were taken into custody on allegations they had drugs in their car. But police told Charleston, S.C., TV station WCIV there were additional drugs hidden in 23-year-old Deangelo Mitchell's backside.

Officers said Deangelo Mitchell convinced his brother, 20-year-old Wayne Mitchell, to swallow the ounce of cocaine to hide the evidence. He died soon afterward.

"It's sickening," North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt told WCIV. "I got upset when I saw the thing. I was pretty shocked on it."

Deangelo Mitchell already bonded out of jail on the drug charge, butt now police are looking for him again on charges of involuntary manslaughter.


  1. Ugh, this is just all kinds of horrible from beginning to end or from end to beginning, whichever.

  2. "...butt now police are looking for him again..." LMAO!!!!

  3. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the phase; "just say no to crack"..



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