Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music Video Of The Day: Go Tell It

Poor Merna. She must have lost a bet. I would have insisted on wearing a bag over my head, though.

Best YouTube comments:

"This is why black people made their own churches."
"Take two. But this time, tone down the enthusiasm."
"This is why young girls develop psychokinetic powers and go off and start fires. "
"Can I get this on iTunes?"

From Woodwoman.


  1. Ha! They're just bubbling over with joy about the good news, aren't they. From the look on Merna's face, I think she is plotting something awful for Henrietta's future. Henrietta might want to watch her back.

    I love the portrait of the day. I had a pair of bluish-white glasses that looked just like that when I was about six or seven years old. :D

  2. I hope mugshot Santa gets a hairbrush (and maybe some shampoo and conditioner too) in his stocking this year. Poor guy is looking a little harried. I guess the holidays are hard on all of us, even Santa!

  3. This is reminiscent of the Brady Bunch episode where Cindy froze on camera.... BATON ROUGE! BATON ROUGE! :D

  4. Is she wearing an old Brownie uniform in the POTD? haha

  5. I just love those doo-doo roll bangs. They totally accentuate her dead, lifeless eyes, poor dear. I see a Jerry Springer episode in her future.

  6. Oh, and FYI, the mountain already knows.

  7. Cary... you have to see this one:

    Sorry to post anonymously, but I cannot be connected as the one who gave you this. It's from a local gospel music show in Knoxville, TN (think MTV for old folks). The Mulls were a radio staple across the Southeast for a long, long time. Preacher Mull passed away a few years ago, but the TV show (which is 50-ish years running) still goes on with his widow and daughter. They taped this years ago with Mrs. Mull's twin sisters Stella and Ella, and it is highly-requested every year.

    Oh, this is video gold. Unfortunately, it's one of those crappy "point the camera at the TV and hit record" videos. But still, the spirit is there.

  8. Thanks, Anon, I will check it out. Can you give me a clue to your identity? Or just write me: I protect my sources.

  9. It's not me, Cary.

    I bet Henrietta's house is full of those Precious Moments figurines. And wax flowers stuck in carnival glass vases. She also looks the sort that would you invite you into her house for a chat and a cup of Nescafe anytime you needed a friendly ear. She might even offer to sing you a song.

    Myrna, on the other hand, is criminally po-faced and could be thinking anything, from "Man, that shrimp from Red Lobster is just not sitting right" to "Keep singing, woman, for soon I, Magistra Templi Rex, will be drinking your life's blood from a gourd carved from your liver."

  10. I love the sweet camera effects. It adds so much to an already classic performance. Merna FTW.



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