Thursday, December 1, 2011

Celebrity Gossip Of The Day

A few tidbits from my favorite virtual rag, Popbitch.

"Sometimes, when Liz and I check into hotels we pretend to be brother and sister and then we share the double bed. The whole idea of incest is quite appealing" - Hugh Grant, 1994

In 1990, American tabloid the
National Enquirer had this headline, "Psycho Star Has AIDS Virus." No one was more surprised to see this than the Psycho star himself, Anthony Perkins, who had never had an AIDS test. So, how did the mag get its scoop? Well, Perkins had given a blood sample to a hospital treating him for facial palsy, the Enquirer illegally obtained the sample, had it tested for HIV and then published, without telling the actor.

Someone who was working with Sarah Ferguson recently made the mistake of calling her Fergie and found himself being told in no uncertain terms that he was never to use that word. Instead it was made clear to him that he should refer to her either as "Sarah" or "The People's Princess."

Which troubled young Brit actor met the friendly introductions of the Upper Class Virgin Atlantic flight attendant, offering to help with whatever he wanted during the journey, with the simple riposte, "Why don't you just fuck right off?"

Long time readers will no doubt remember the Sean Connery legend in which he supposedly claimed his top celebrity shag was "1964. Petula Clark. Up the arse." Talk about going "Downtown"!

From a reader: "I used to live in the same apartment building as X-Men’s Famke Janssen. She was the rudest person I’ve ever met. I once thought she'd softened a little bit as she seemed to be holding the door open for me. Then I realised she was holding it open for her dog. I said 'Thanks. Oh - that wasn't for me, was it?' She said, with a sneer, 'No'."

First class, on a flight from London to Australia, passengers were disturbed by snoring "like a tractor engine." It was Susan Boyle.


  1. I hope Anthony Perkins was able to sue the Enquirer for publishing his medical lab results. Wow, what an awful way to find out such news!

  2. What an utterly despicable and hideous thing that happened to Anthony Perkins! I hope the Enquirer and the hospital/lab that allowed this to happen were sued. Assholes.

    OTOH, that captioned photo of Sean Connery made me bust up laughing! Pure awesomeness :D.

  3. Poor Tony. That's just cruel.

    Famke needs to pop a xanax.

    Susan Boyle looks like a thumb.

  4. Not sure about the troubled young brit thesp. Probably Hermione. She seems rough 'round the edges.

    Tony Perkins - Damn!

    Connery is an asshat. I used to revere him, but now I just find him a boorish prig. I think he jumped the shark for me, when many years ago, he maintained that sometimes a woman just needs a good slap. As I picture him saying that in my head, it's Darrell Hammond from SNL doing his Connery.

  5. First class, on a flight from London to Australia, passengers were disturbed by snoring "like a tractor engine." It was Susan Boyle.

    Are they 100% sure she was snoring? A girl that size may have been "crop-dusting" in her sleep.



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