Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 50 Funniest Tweets Of 2011

A great list from HappyPlace. Here are a few of my favorites. For those of you who don't twitt, RT means retweet, a way to share and reply to posts.

See the rest at HappyPlace.


  1. love these...thanks for sharing. HILARIOUS.

  2. "Every week is shark week"--An exasperated seal. haha! Yes, I suppose it is.

    Our library director has a poster on his wall made from "Every time you watch Jersey Shore, a book commits suicide." The picture on the poster shows a book tumbling off the end of a bookshelf. :-)

    Funny list!

  3. Love these! This is why I rarely tweet -- I am nowhere near as funny as these folks.

    If I go missing I want my picture on a can of Red Bull. That way they can find me FAST!

    The OJ/Kim Kardashian one was awesome.



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