Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend Links Of The Day

Lots of good stuff from you, my resourceful readers.

Tebowing - from TheMovieGuru

WTF coloring books (Flavorwire)

9 proud sluts in history (The Frisky)

Bond women: the best and the worst (EW)

News: Woman stabs suitor because she wanted a relationship, not just be a "booty call." Oh, and they're first cousins. (The Smoking Gun)

Wasabi-spray fire alarm for the hard of hearing. (Discovery)

9 celebrity artists. They forgot Buddy Ebsen. (Lemondrop)

Bizzaro cover song of the day - From Beth

An ad for corn syrup

What Women Think About During Sex (NSFW!) - from Laurie


  1. I liked the Tebowing link. A guy “Tebowing on top of a mountain in Afghanistan” was a nice tribute for today. I also liked the one of the 8 mile hike at Mt. Si in Seattle (wow, what a view!) and the one at the Gateway Arch just because I thought that made kind of a cool picture.

  2. LOVE the corn syrup commercial. LOVE IT. I've avidly against HFCS myself, just as I'm against ethanol in my petrol and the myriad of other corn farmer subsidies.

    And that's TOTALLY not was goes through my mind during my bi-weekly assignation...

  3. @ siressyorkie

    "bi-weekly assignation"? Boy you really like the romantic language don't ya?

    And that lady in the "what women think about during sex" video? Extra strength weird.

    If she wanted it to be over, all she had to do is verbalize a single thing she was thinking about, because trust me she had some serious dick-melting thoughts going through her head.

  4. I love the high fructose corn poison vid. I quit eating it about 6 months ago...and it's in freakin' everything!! It's pure poison! Has to be digested by the liver instead of the stomach and intestines like normal food and it causes all sorts of terrible things to happen to your liver and other parts of your body. Okay, off my soapbox now.

    The vid about what women think about during sex was hilarious!!

  5. Celebrity art? Geezus... my four year old is a frickin genius. They should have had Peter Falk on the list. He was at least good.

  6. What women think about during sex - Jenna Marbles. She takes a little getting used to, but she is freaking awesome. I love her. Her videos are funny as hell, and totally NSFW. And her dogs are precious. Plus the only picture she has in her bedroom is of Spider man. How bad can she be?? I highly recommend her and her Youtube channel.



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