Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Retro Commercial Of The Day: Vinyl Floors

With one slightly problematic material.

Most popular YouTube comment: "Active room closed due to due to cancer."


  1. Hahaha! I bet those swinging cats just moved that party straight over to the chemo ward at Memorial Hospital.

  2. Speaking of swinging...what you don't see in that ad is the bowl of keys by the front door. Now THAT'S a party!!

  3. I think we have some of that stuff in our dank basement bathroom. -cough- It really holds up -cough, cough- Asbestos and Radon, what a combination!

  4. What? What's wrong with asbestos? It's the miracle mineral. It's in my floor, insulation, brake pads, siding, . . . plaster, drywall . . .c-c-caulk . . . heat duc-c-c-ts . . .(cough) . . . gaskets (wheeze) . . it's. . .abso -- lutely . . . h a r m l

  5. My aunt once took a tour of the place where they make most of that stuff up in Canada, oddly enough in a town named Asbestos.

    The looks of horrified shock when she got back with vacation photos of her happily smiling next to the machinery that makes it was awesome.



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