Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prank Of The Day: Holding Hands

This is the same guy who did the farting bit in WalMart that I posted the other day.


  1. This is brilliant! When someone sticks their hand out for a handshake, people naturally reach to take it. They don't expect for the other person to not let go. He was taking a risk by being such a prankster, though. I'm surprised he didn't get punched for invading someone's personal space. Haha! :-D

  2. Daisy, I thought that last guy was gonna punch him.

  3. Yes, I thought so too. He was really pushing his luck by massaging his shoulders like that. ha!

  4. I loved it and I hated it. It made me feel all awkward and anxious, but I was laughing the entire time.

    They didn't sound southern, so I'd guess the midwest. If Jack had tried that at the Applebee's in Hooterville, he would be a one-eyed Jack in a hot minute.

  5. RGR, your guess is right. At the end it says it was filmed in Wheelersburg, Ohio.



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