Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pics Of The Day: Moustair

From Visual News and Kate Stransky.

"Every once in a while someone comes up with something so creative or catchy that it becomes the next internet phenomenon. From Tebowing to Planking to the Duck Face Song, every once in a while something really catches on. Today that thing is Moustair. While it has not been officially defined on Wikipedia yet, Moustair may be the best use of Photoshop to date. Be careful though, the closer you look the more disturbing these photos become." - Steven Shoppman, Visual News.

More on Visual News.

Oh, and.... PHOTOSHOP!


  1. Disturbing is right. As if my dreams weren't already overly vivid! I can't look at mustaches the same way ever again.

  2. Man, those are freaky! I love them! hahaha! :-D



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