Tuesday, November 8, 2011

News Of The Day: Wife, 87, Shoots "Cheating" Husband, 88

I love the mugshot. She doesn't look the least bit sorry.

From The Smoking Gun.

Wife, 87, Shoots "Cheating" Husband, 88

NOVEMBER 7--Convinced that her 88-year-old husband was having an affair with her hairdresser, a Missouri woman, 87, shot her spouse in the arm with his own gun, police report.

According to a Springfield Police Department report, Peter Desjardins said that his wife, Dorothy, told him Saturday evening that the woman who does her hair had claimed to be having an affair with him.

He denied the allegation and told his wife that the only time he saw the hairdresser was during her beauty appointments.

After arguing in their living room, Peter retreated to the bedroom. Dorothy then “walked into the room with her walker, sat down on the bed that was next to his, and began to throw books at him.” After running out of volumes, she picked up his .22 Ruger and started “flinging the revolver around in the air” before pulling back the hammer and fired a shot.

Desjardins was struck in the arm, which he had raised in front of his face.

Dorothy allegedly told police that she only “intended to scare the shit out of him” and “just went a little bit berserk” since “he was stepping out on me, and I just got pissed off.”

Luckily for Peter, the Ruger was not loaded with bullets, but instead discharged “fine grain pellets,” ammo that can be used to kill small animals and reptiles.

A doctor told cops that Peter did not sustain any serious vascular damage in the shooting, adding that surgery would not be performed to remove the birdshot lodged in his forearm.

Charged with felony domestic assault, Dorothy Desjardins remains locked up in the Greene County jail on $5000 bond.


  1. Not only does she not look sorry, I think she looks kind of smug and self-satisfied. She has a "Well, he had it coming to him, and I took care of the matter" look about her. haha! :-D

  2. This is so weird,man cheating wife in so old age!Old lady has a good reason for do that.



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