Wednesday, November 9, 2011

News Of The Day: Pregnant Woman Craves Roadkill

"I get the best meat from friends who ring me up to tell me about a kill they've spotted on their way to work." From Metro UK.

Pregnant woman develops bizarre craving for roadkill

By Aaron-Spencer Charles - 8th November, 2011

Artist and taxidermist Alison Brierley has found herself craving feasts of roadkill as a result of her pregnancy.

The 42-year-old has been eating an array of animals killed along her local roads in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Brierley often used her roadkill to make jewellery from their hides, but now the mum-to-be has gone full throttle with her new diet.

'Usually I eat really healthily but now I'm pregnant I get strong cravings for roadkill,' explained Brierley. 'It's more gamey than other meat and I love the taste. I also don't have to feel guilty about eating it because I know it's had a completely free range and natural life.'

Ms Brierley has eaten hare, deer, pigeon, rabbit and owls, with pheasant being the most prevalent of her dishes.

'I would like to try fox and badger but they're never in good enough condition to eat; although I have used them for my artwork.’ said Brierley.

The 42-year-old admitted she has even hosted roadkill dinner parties for friends.

'They trust me and they know I'm a good cook so I think they love it. I get the best meat from friends who ring me up to tell me about a kill they've spotted on their way to work,' she added.

Eating fresh roadkill is something close to Brierley's heart as she believes in an alternative food lifestyle.

‘One of the big reasons for being public about this is that I want to raise awareness about where food actually comes from’, said Alison. ‘Some people are so blasé about picking their food off a supermarket shelf without giving a thought to how it lived or how it was killed.’

Ladies: what did you crave when you were pregnant? Besides sleep, that is.


  1. A bucket by the bed.

  2. Oh my word! This story made me shudder. It would never occur to me to call up a friend to let them know where I saw some fresh roadkill so they could go scrape the dead animal carcass off the road and serve it up for dinner. Ugh!

    I craved sweets the most when I was pregnant because I wasn't allowed to have them. I developed gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies, and my doctor wouldn't let me have anything at all with sugar in it.

  3. Pretzels. I hate pretzels but I craved the long thick kind, pretzel rods. I wasn't supposed to eat too much salt so I rubbed the salt off and ate the hell outta them!

    I hit a deer once with my car. A friend drove by who had just finished deer hunting for the day and he dispatched the not quite yet dead deer and put it in his truck and took it home, field dressed it and hung it up. We butchered it a few days later and labeled it "roadkill" and shared the meat. It was some of the best venison steaks we'd ever had. I guess it was well tenderized. LOL (Gawd, that makes me sound like a hillbillie!!!)

  4. Peaches. Didn't matter if they were fresh, frozen, or canned, I had to have peaches.

    And the occasional bean burritto from taco bell.

  5. My family has had some interesting ones to be sure.

    One cousin craved mayonnaise. Not mayo on food mind you, she ate jars of the stuff.

    My Aunt Jen became addicted to peanut butter and relish sandwiches.

    Another cousin was so nauseated by the smell of milk she nearly retched every time she saw it, yet she ate string cheese by the carton.

    My sister-in-law found out that gummi worms were her weakness. I bought her a 5 lb. bag of them at a candy show and she went through them in a weekend.

  6. I wondered if anyone would pick up on that. Kinda figured it would be you Cary.

  7. Yup. If I hadn't, Cam would have.

  8. Toothbrushes. Not to eat, just to chomp on. The craving was so powerful that I really thought it would stay after I gave birth. Of course, as soon as my son was born the craving vanished. After that, I just craved sleep...

  9. Gin, I was gonna suggest that the long, thick rod was what got you into that condition.

  10. Cary said...

    Yup. If I hadn't, Cam would have.

    And I woulda had pictures...

  11. Liverwurst. Every day, with mayo and lettuce. I bought some once when the kid was a few years old just to see if I still liked it...just the smell almost made me hurl.



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