Tuesday, November 15, 2011

News Of The Day: Ohio Man High On Bath Salts Breaks Into Home And Puts Up Christmas Decorations

I bet he smelled pretty, though, like lavender and honey.

From Keith Duncan and Yahoo!

Ohio Man Gets High, Breaks into Home, and Puts Up Christmas Decorations

by Molly Fergus

This is one criminal we'd welcome into our homes.

Terry Tent, a 44-year-old in Vandalia, Ohio, was spotted high on bath salts in Tamara Henderson's home, the NY Daily News reported yesterday.

Except, instead of trashing the house or stealing valuables like most criminals do, Tent decided to throw up some Christmas decorations, crash on the couch, and turn on the TV.

When Henderson's 11-year-old son discovered Tent at home, his mother quickly called 911; Tent was arrested for burglary and held in county lockup, but police say he was only armed with a pocket knife.


  1. When he's high, he decorates. If he gets drunk, does he do the shopping?

    It's so nice to have someone from my state representing us here on LOTD. I guess it gives the folks from Florida the day off. :-)

  2. Vandalia, OH is my least favorite place on this entire planet. I whole heartedly believe it's cursed and will never go there again. That being said, what a super nice crackhead! All he wants is to share the Christmas cheer while frying his brain. If they all could be so nice.

  3. Bath Salts???!!!
    WTF - did I fall asleep in 1981 and just wake up. Next thing you know these poor pathetic wretches will be snorting those little packets that come in your new Asian child labor Nike shoes off the belly of a Starbucks barista (you know, the fat one that works Thursdays).

  4. My favorite criminal was the dog napper that took dogs from their yards and returned them groomed. He was never caught. They even got pedicures. My kind of robber!!

  5. Last time someone broke into my house, they cleaned and decorated the whole place. I think my friend gets high on Clorox and Mr Clean.

  6. Lady has gone to the rainbow bridge. Easton is my latest adopted senior Golden. He has a great sense of humor too. Its a Golden thing.

  7. Ohio is the new Florida



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