Monday, November 7, 2011

News Of The Day: Live Tree Frog Found In Costco Salad

From San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

South Pasadena woman finds live tree frog in salad at Alhambra Costco


ALHAMBRA - A South Pasadena woman says when she picked up an organic salad from Costco Monday night, she got a tiny surprise - a live tree frog that had hitched a ride among the lettuce leaves.

Liya Ma, a special education teacher, said when she picked up the plastic salad container at the Alhambra Costco she noticed something was strange.

"I saw two little eyes looking at me," Ma said. "I screamed and I dropped it."

Some people might consider calling a lawyer after finding something unwanted in their food, but Ma asked the store manager if she could keep it as a pet. She said he agreed to let her have the salad and frog for free. She has named it Dave.

Ma's friend, Alexa Greco, 26, of Azusa said Ma showed the frog to her Tuesday morning.

"She said `Oh look I have a frog for you guys to look at,"' Greco said.

Greco said she was expecting a frog in an aquarium, not in a salad.

"She told me how she bought it from Costco," Greco said. "I told her you should report this."

According to the label on the package, the salad is an organic spring mix grown and packaged by Babe Farms of Santa Maria.

Terrie Cardoza, spokeswoman for Babe Farms, said the frog probably survived because the lettuce is not chopped before packaging and no pesticides were used.

"Those kind of things can occasionally happen," Cardoza said. "We process over 20,000 pounds of lettuce a day."

Cardoza said the lettuce goes through three washings and a centrifuge to remove the moisture. She said it was "sensational" that the frog survived.

Cardoza said any customer who ever has a problem with a salad can reach the company at the phone number listed on the packaging.

A man who identified himself as a manager of the Alhambra Costco refused to comment, but Craig Wilson, vice president of food safety for Costco, said it was the first time he heard of someone finding a live frog in a salad.

"I am stunned that this happened," Wilson said. "It's the kind of thing we don't want to tolerate."

He said he was having employees contact Babe Farms to figure out what happened.

Wilson said he was amazed that the frog had made all the way to the sales floor unscathed.

"If you consider that he's been under refrigeration ... you go `Holy cow he's one tough frog,"' Wilson said.


  1. That is friggin' awesome! So odd that he managed to get in the bag, and kudos to the tough little dude for surviving the ordeal.

    POTD: clearly, it wasn't her idea to have that asinine holiday photo taken, as only Olan Mills can do.

  2. That is a seriously tough frog. Frogs that jump in our swimming pool don't last 20 minutes, much less survive a centrifuge, a plastic bag, and refrigeration.

    I thought it was funny she called the store and asked if she could "keep the frog." As far as I'm concerned, he came with the salad -- just like croutons or bacon bits.

    "Babe Farms" made me laugh for some reason.

  3. "Dave the Salad Frog" -- sounds like it ought to be the title of a children's picture book. :-)

  4. Too bad it wasn't one of those poison dart frogs. "I"ve never heard of anyone becoming paralyzed from their salad before."

  5. Andrea, you must have never eaten at the Golden Corral then. :)

  6. Shopper: *SCREAMS* "There's a frog in this salad!"

    Manager: "Miss please don't scream so loudly. Or else the other customers will be wanting a frog too."

  7. Am I the only one concerned about Babe Farms getting dropped by Costco and people losing their jobs? I knew I shouldn't drink coffee.

    POTD looks like my childhood friend did when her older sisters came to take her home after they were partying and getting too drunk.



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