Friday, November 4, 2011

Mashup Of The Day: Imagine A Jump

I can't decide if I love this or hate it. From jackstanleywp on Soundcloud and BestWeekEver. You can turn off the annoying captions by clicking the dialogue balloon icon at the bottom far right of the audio box below.


  1. Only made it to 35 seconds before I started getting really angry.

  2. I am stunned at what a ripoff of Imagine Jump is. Who knew? I love Van Halen and the Beatles and wow, did I hate this.

  3. That was funky. And not in a cool Chaka Khan kinda way, either. "Hate" is a bit strong, but put me down for a "no" just the same.

  4. If you put shit between two pieces of bread does it make it a sandwich?



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