Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Map Of The Day: Scary USA

Hipsters. Ha!


  1. I lived in Alaska for eight years. There are a lot more scary things there than bears. They'd be the least of my worries. Right now, I'd say tops on my list would be Sarah Palin (zombie or otherwise).

    Prairie Girl

  2. Prairie Girl: Is it true what they say about Alaskan men? "The odds are good but the goods are odd?"

    Our home in TN is just a few miles from the Bell Witch Cave. I feel special.

  3. Zombies everywhere!!

    Potato bugs in Idaho made me laugh. :D

  4. We really don't often see the ghost of Sitting Bull that often in SD, and when we do, it's pleasant. Nice man.

  5. I was born in Iowa and now live right next to it in Illinois but I had never heard of this ax murder. Looked it up...hmmmm unsolved mystery from 100 yrs ago. Did Jack the Ripper move to Iowa?? No one would find him there!!

    Zombie Lincoln? Trying to picture that...he'd still be u.g.l.y.

  6. I saw a show on the ax murder thing, and I think my sister did a 'ghost investigation' there.

  7. I live in Central Oregon, there was a time when the hordes of hipsters were confined to the environs of Portland, Eugene, and Ashland, BUT, today I live in a new epicenter of fastidious hipsters: there's hipster bars, hipster coffee shops, hipster doctors, hipster public defense attorneys, even hipster water meter readers and garbage men. Oh, and don't forget the 25+ hipster founded, owned, operated, and employed by "craft microbreweries. I just signed a year long lease on an apartment, so: it doesn't look like I'll be relieved of it anytime soon... Maybe I'll have to become one :O



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