Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love Your Eyebrows! (Of The Day)

Good stuff from Kat, Dianna and Amy.

Quote, unquote

Mr. Freeze

Constance Surprise

Browless Bob


Comedy & Tragedy

You Must Pay The Rent! But I Can't Pay The Rent!

Julia Caesar

Nobody move. I don't think it's seen us yet.

Dopey (with Grumpy's eyebrows)

SeƱor Oruga

Unee Brau

Mona Brow

The Visor


The Yeti


  1. OH. MY. GOD. Wtf is wrong with people that they would tattoo that shit on their faces? And people? They're called tweezers. Use 'em.

  2. This could be the coolest/scariest/saddest/meanest thing I have ever seen in my life. It isn't just the brows. Some of those folks have train wrecks on their Chevy Chases...

  3. It's always amusing to me to see how some people choose to express themselves or make a personal statement (like Julia Caesar, for example).

    "The Visor" kind of reminds me of Animal from the Muppets. :-)

  4. The visor is beyond belief.

  5. I can't believe people do this to themselves but as my old granny used to say..."De gustibus non disputandum est!"

  6. I'd love to hear back from some of those people in 10 years or so. After the laser treatments.

    Also, I feel sorry for the red shirt kid in POTD. He's clearly not the favorite.

  7. Amazing! What is with these people?

    I'm considering shaving all my pubes and having them tattooed back on. That's totally different.

    Gin, your granny was wise.

  8. About "IT", if that's a dude he's got serious issues.

    And if that's a woman I really hope she has a great personality*.

    *Or vast sums of money, a super tightpanooch, or her own brewery.

  9. There is something about eyebrows! I did a blog (EverythingHealth) about "shape of eyebrows" and it is still one of the most visited post of all from all around the world. Who knew? When you look at these displays of creativity I just wonder...WTF????

  10. "You must pay the rent" girl gets me every time. The hickey on her neck just adds that extra special touch of class.

    Since when did Sharpies replace ordinary eyebrow pencils?

    @Cam: I think she'd need all three. Bless her/his/its heart.

  11. That's right, laugh it up, fuzzball. But those of us who are dealt a bum genetic hand in the eyebrow department struggle with it all the damn time. I could build a nest with all the hairs I've yanked from my inherited unibrow. It's awful.

  12. "It" looks very much like a goth/stoner guy I went to high school with. He only had half his head shaved though.



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