Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Classic TV Show Open Of The Day: Makin' It

I don't remember this show at all. Not that I am complaining.

Denise Miller was also in the TV series, "Fish," the Barney Miller spinoff with Abe Vigoda, and the 1979 TV movie, Sooner Or Later, about a teenage girl who falls for her older guitar instructor, Rex Smith. Here's a song from the movie that you might remember.


  1. I don't remember that TV show at all, but I do remember the song in the intro. Same with the movie--don't remember it, but I recognize that song.

    "Fish" I remember too, of course. I wonder if Abe Vigoda is still alive. ;)

  2. I vaguely remember makin' it. I mean, the show "Makin' It." :)

    I've always liked that song. I love Sexy Rexy's breathy singing. And the man rocked the hair.

  3. I remember seeing that "Makin' It" intro on TV numerous times, but oddly enough can't remember ever actually watching the show.

  4. I totally own the Rex Smith album, Sooner or Later. I also remember him from Street Hawk and the Pirates of Penzance movie with Kevin Kline. Yep. I just admitted all that.

  5. You know she's a kid because she's wearing a baseball cap and a bandanna around her neck. But I think she actually collapsed because her boobs hit her in the head.

  6. Who wouldn't be enthralled by those feathered locks...

  7. I remember 'Makin' It'. The theme song was on the charts longer than the show was on the air.

    ...and yup he was the Dr. Pepper 'be a Pepper too' guy...



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