Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrity Muppet Lookalikes Of The Day

From Begmuffin and TMZ.

Gonzo & Adrien Brody

Sam The Eagle & Brad Garrett

Janice & Donatella Versace

Crazy Harry & Chris Robinson

Big Bird & Queen Elizabeth

Beaker & Carrot Top

Grover & Dustin "Screech" Diamond

Grog & Bruce Vilanch

Pepe the Prawn & Steve Buscemi

Miss Piggy & Tori Spelling

Dr. Teeth & Flava Flav

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & (fat) Al Roker

Grandpa Grouch & Don Imus

Ben Affleck & Guy Smiley

Fozzy Bear & Jack Black

Forgetful Jones & Alan Jackson

Bert & Ernie & Kimmel & Corolla

Rowlf & Jorge Garcia

Harvey Kneeslapper & Nick Nolte

The Amazing Mumford & Billy Zane

Capt. Breakfast & Brody Jenner


  1. Love these! Big Bird and Queen Elizabeth--hahaha! That's my favorite one. :-)

  2. These never get old or less funny no matter how many times I see them, and it's hard to pick a favorite!

    Although I think that Carrot Top is bearing a really strong resemblance to that killer doll Chucky, which is freaky.

  3. These always make me laugh out loud! I think Donatella looks more like a muppet than Janice.

  4. I always thought Beeker and Ryan Stiles looked alike!

  5. I gotta say, the only two I respect out of that bunch are Brad Garett and Steve Buscemi. The rest can go hang by their own egos, including the Queen.

  6. Captain Breakfast/Brody Jenner just made me cry.



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