Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Year's Worst Commercials (Of The Day)


A TV commercial featuring diaper-filling babies took the top prize for "Worst Ad in America" in an annual contest sponsored by The Consumerist.

More than 115,000 of the website's readers cast votes in the contest, with the Luvs diaper commercial the clear winner, garnering 32% of the votes.

(Here's the ad. I agree with the voters. - C)

An advertisement for AT&T wireless service featuring a henpecked husband took second place in the survey, with 24% of the vote.

In third place, with 18% of the vote, was an advertisement for Summer’s Eve, whose commercial for feminine wash implies that wars have been fought and lives lost over women’s nether regions, and so ladies had better lather up.

(I'll take this over those "Mom, do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?" ads from my youth. Talk about a room killer. - C)

AT&T fared particularly poorly in The Consumerist’s contest, with a total of three ads placing across various categories. Its ad for the Samsung Infuse mobile phone, which runs on AT&T’s 4G wireless service, took fourth place in the “worst ad” category, capturing 14% of the vote.

And AT&T’s “flash mob” commercial, in which a man mistakenly participates in an embarrassing display of dancing at New York City’s Grand Central Station because he didn’t get the message that the flash mob was postponed, took first place in the “most grating performance by a human” category. Of course, that might have been the intention of the commercial.


  1. I actually liked the "Hail to the V" commercial. But I think they should have ended it with, "So come on ladies, wash your tater."

  2. The AT&T henpecked husband spot is the only one of these ads I've even seen before. The fact that I don't watch TV very much apparently has a plus side! I agree these are all awful, but the diaper one is especially nasty.

    "Mom, do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?" Hahaha! I remember that one. It was so embarrassing whenever that one came on.

  3. The AT&T one is the only one I've seen too, and I HATE it! So glad it's not me.

    I suppose this is what happens when companies try so hard to jump on the "inappropriate commercial that becomes the next big thing on youtube" bandwagon. It's a fine line, apparently.

  4. I had only seen the poop commercial and the hen-pecked husband. I just wanna slap Steve for not standing up for himself and for sounding so whiny when he tells her it's free...and then I wish Steve would say "Well I've been f**king John Clark's wife because he can't get it up, whatta think about that beatch")

    Whew, I needed that!



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