Monday, October 3, 2011

Vid Of The Day: Weather Forecast

You cannot stop the weather, and you cannot stop the weather forecast, at least on this channel.


  1. Mugshot lady looks like she is laughing at this video, and rightly so. The newscasters are talking about a pile-up accident on the road while the weather graphics are having a pile-up accident on the screen. :-D

  2. I hate it when the weather gets all jammed up like that. I bet somebody lost their job. Did anyone notice the ginormous coffee mug on the desk?

    At least the MSOTD is happy. As my grandma would say, "She could eat a hawg through a picket fence."

  3. Or corn, as my grandma used to say.

  4. I'm surprised the anchors didn't move their heads to the side to see around the forecast. I would have.



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