Friday, October 14, 2011

Lazy Futhermuckers Of The Day

There are more, but I'm too lazy to find them.

But we're too lazy to find out for sure

Guess no one volunteered that day

Yeah, I'm climbing on that.

The Sockmate


  1. The lady on the Segway pushing the baby stroller--um yeah, that looks safe.

    The door stop made me laugh. They might have an excuse. They probably couldn't get it out of the plastic packaging it is sealed up in. :-D

  2. I've done that air conditioning trick before. We were having a heat wave and our A/C stopped working. I was pregnant, my husband was out of the country, and there was no way I could hoist a big unit over my head into its slot.

  3. "...hoist a big unit over my head into its slot." I'm LOLing over that one!!!! Love it!

  4. The "Sockmate"? Really? *weeps*

  5. Actually, the Sockmate is for people who have difficulty bending over to put their socks on. I had back surgery last year, but luckily it was at the beginning of summer, so socks weren't much of an issue.

  6. It took me until now to post. How do I rate?



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